Friday, November 09, 2007

This one came from my multiply. Since it's a bit long and can do minus the pics, I'll put it here.

I should've known that following a series of weekend photo entries where I displayed my social animal antics (ie boozing, bloating and frapping see previous albums) biology would take its due course and remind me that I have a long history of stomach problem I've long decided to ignore.

Basically it was ulcer and hyperacidity. With my knack for knocking down mugs of coffee daily minus the solid food, penchance for lemonade and iced tea, delayed meal times and skipped meals, all rolled into the philosphy that if I could sleep through the pain and it goes away the next morning then I survived it, it all boiled down to one nasty Halloween when I realized that no, I haven't survived through any of it through the years at all.

So about 11 in the evening on Halloween night, I tugged Diche by the hair and we sped to Manila Adventist Medical Center on a cab, with me in the backseat cluthching my abs (I mean abdominal area; abs, my ass!) off to ER, where I was observed for three agonozing hours because the pain won't quit (after two injections and several gulps of Maalox) before the doctor finally decided I was in for admission. The only fortunate thing was me whipping out my Intellicare card and sending Diche off to Admitting section with explicit instructions that she makes sure I'm financially covered, or else we get the hell outta there (aparrently I'm that kuripot after all).

The funniest part is this being my first ever hospitalization. I was so sure of my longevity, health and strong resistance that I freaked out and almost bolted out of bed when the ER nurses approached with IV and those wires. The doctors stiffling their grins, I saw an exasperated and too sleepy Diche mouth an irate "Mukha kang tanga Diko," at me. I gave her the finger and asked the doctor if we could do away with it. I lost in that round, of course.

And so that's how I spent Undas, missing fourth monthsary with Wafi (who celebrates monthsaries that falls on All Saint's anyway?!), more boozed out invites and double pays at work where I'm sure I gave hell to everyone who must've counted on me to cover for them while they were on leave. For that, I'm terribly sorry.

That aside, I'm okay now. Moments of tremor run up and down my stomach still, and Maalox has become my favorite drink of all time, but I'm now hell-bent on getting strong fast and itching to get back to work and make bawi. Oh, and I was told I'm supposed to befriend two important stuff I'd have to live with for the next two weeks which I've always loathed: Skyflakes and plain water my temporary diet.

Which is to say I should consider myself lucky: Diche got bogged down with her own illness a day after I did, and got worse the night I was discharged. While my temperature ranged from 37.5 - 38.7, hers never left the 39-40 scale. She's under observation for dengue or typhoid; blood tests show it's too early to tell, and other lab tests like urinalysis and x-ray showed normal. It was the most distressing moment when just less than 10 hours after I was discharged, we were back at the ER in reversed roles: she in the stretcher, I filling out the forms. Good thing family members were quick to the recue, lest I suffer binat.

Prayers still needed for our speedy and firm recovery. Planty of thanks and kisses to everyone who sent their love and concern via text, call, cracking lewd jokes (especially concerning the doctor's order for me to undergo ultrasound) and personal visits. I assure you I am not pregnant, lactating or hemorhagging.

I miss frappe. I miss Vodka. I miss food. The bawal stuff.

-- Updates: --

I'm now on a vegan diet. At least I get to eat rice. And I've gotten raving mad and hungreee all the time. Must be the meds.

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007
Bits and Pieces.

Here are my life's updates:

1. Finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Stayed locked up in my room for most of three days, coming out only to eat, or do some important stuff. Harry remains one of my life's heroes; notwithstanding the fact that this last installement manages to kill off I think one major character every chapter. Bigat! Harry celebrated his birthday yesterday.

2. I'm still undecided over Noypi. I felt a surge of gratitude, though, when I got this call from Noypi's budgeting officer asking me to obtain my own TIN number as she was preparing my salary. Yey! The state of limbo is somehow obscured by the fact that at least I'm able to prove that I can earn money despite my really low kasipagan threshold.

3. Lola's been confined at Manila Adventist Medical Center for four days now. I rarely get the chance to visit her because of some complicated family arrangements. Dad's condition though, is improving. Prayers would help

4. Where my career gets set aside, my social life blooms. Been on a daily gala streak, most of them spent with Wafi, who has now met most of my family. My sisters went gaga (because I might have failed to mention it here, but Wafi is one hot looker). I stiffled a smirk.

5. Speaking of which, our relationship turns one month today. Marked by our own versions of a toxic lifestyle and occassionally punctured by some creepy individuals out to destabilize an otherwise meaningful relationship (which always, always, sets me in a foul mood and Wafi in a state of clueless dishevelledness), we are still happy, mushy and very much into each other.


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Wednesday, July 25, 2007
Ayun yun eh.

For someone who's got this knack for quickly landing jobs other aspire for, I'm also quick when it comes to losing interest and getting disillusioned.

So now comes the part when I'm at the brink of letting Noypi go and re-aligning my ambitions, since I've long ago realized I can't compromise my priorities: family, friends, choir, orgs and lovelife. I refuse to believe that I won't be able to find work where I don't have to sacrifice quality time with the group of people who matters, who makes me laugh and encourages me to be better.

I guess I've always had this petiks-slash-deviant-slash-fickle nature, where my attention span is considerably low and my tolerance level dismal. When I graduated, I longed for a good-paying job. When that required being totally immersed in work and daily dose of total energy and brain-drain, I took a few calculating steps backward and decided: Hey, I'm not happy.

And when I'm not happy, I get cranky.

So here I am, spending a week off the office, unable to decide if I should follow my friends' advice to "Just hang on", my choirmates' "Wag pilitin kung hindi kaya", Wafi's super supportive "Whatever makes you happy", or Noypi staff urging me to "Tyagain mo lang, ganyan din kami nung una."

One might consider my mood swings as bordering on the super-stupid or extremely wise, depending on the stakes. But I guess in my life, I've always had control of the stakes.

One can't be a mean, arrogant, street-smart son-of-a-bitch in his growing years only to get swallowed by the system right after school.

For now, I'm enjoying my rejuvinated social life: Choir parties and drinking binges last Saturday, reunion at gateway and Starbucks with Kathryn, Jake, Alanah and Katrina last night, another choir shopping binge later, Wafi day tomorrow, and Jaycee mode come friday.

Oh dear. I'm sooooo tamad.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007
Work + Wafi = Wheee!!!

There goes my first week in a taxing work schedule alongside a committed relationship. For a current affairs show, Noypi is rendered more challenging by the fact that not only do I get to produce segments, but I have to keep up with an amazing team (most of them younger than me) who can dish out episode after episode of visually engaging material and still be fresh and snappy for the following week's brainstorming.

The segment I'm producing for next Monday is on poverty. The clincher goes: "Gaano kahirap maging mahirap?" To do that, I'm assigned to work on a segment that will feature a young actress doing immersion in the slums. Finding the location (a really dilapidated slum community in the railroad tracks along Sampaloc) took me and my researcher two minutes; finding the actress who can face the challenge (we went from Rosanna Roces to Anne Curtis to Say Alonzo to G-Ann of PBB and finally ended up with Erich Gonzales) took us two days.

So later Erich, I, and the crew are off to spend the day and night with the riles crowd and shooting with Gabe Mercado tomorrow. My baptism into producing segments sounds exciting, but I'm positively terrified. Talent Center wants assurance that nothing bad comes to Erich, I want assurance that she won't walk out in the middle of the night lest I bleed her to death.

Wafi-wise, it's been a blast. It meant rushing to church every Sunday evening to attend mass despite a really early wake-up call, or mustering some of the petics and evasive techniques I've longed perfected in order to catch a few quality times together, but it's worth every aching limb and drowsy brain.

Wafi, it turns out, is quite the jealous-type. It's been awhile since I went out with someone who turns cranky whenever I check out my phone, or who throws a bitch fit whenever some stranger post a comment on my Friendster. But I'm enjoying it, since my tendency to get naggy, bitchy, and paranoid is just as likely. I have to change phones now and switch to Globe, and my dubious Sun textmates will have to be deleted once I've updated my contacts. In fact, Wafi will supervise the transfer of numbers (I was told that only family, friends, and orgmates will remain on my phonebook) and will commence to snapping my Sun sim into two to end a long history of Sun-flirting. Amen.

Of course it's justified. Latak ang Sun signal sa ABS, most of my contacts are Globe, at higit sa lahat, it's cool to give in to the demands of a jealous boyfriend. Nakakakilig.

O sya, makapagtrabaho na nga.



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Tuesday, July 03, 2007
All Things Just Keep Getting Better...

I've recently updated my status, career path and life, so the blog naturally follows.

1. A day after resigning from GMA's Reporter's Notebook, ABSCBN immediately offered me a segment producer post for Noypi. Bigat. Since I'm between rakets for UN and other well-funded organizations, petiks muna while thinking.

2. I finally submitted my contribution for the UN book. I was told I'll receive a hefty bonus for it. Yehey. I'm now working for a project to be sent to Washington DC. Even bigger bonus, tsk tsk.

3. My super bestfriend is currently having problems with her pregnancy, the baby might be premature. Prayers needed.

4. Lastly, and perhaps the only enlightening white against all these blacks and grays, my Friendster profile as of July1 reads:

Male, 23, In a Relationship.


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